How To Launch Killer AdWords Campaigns That Generate Red-Hot Leads & Sales

  Run profitable campaigns even if you've never stepped foot inside AdWords

Hey, Marketer!

If you've reached this page, you're interested in generating more leads. Whether you're a marketer, aspiring marketer, or business owner, you understand that leads are the life-blood of business, and without them, growth and success is impossible. 

The cold, hard truth is that even if your product or service is top-notch, if you can't reach interested prospects consistently, you won't find success - you'll experience waves of unpredictable revenue and soul-crushing stress that cripples your ability to grow. 

You're not alone. The majority of marketers and business owners face this problem every day. 

They ask themselves: "How the heck to I generate more leads ?"

The good news is that there's never been more traffic sources available than there are now.  You can flood your website and landing pages with more traffic than they can handle. 

The bad news is that every traffic source is different; the quality not only varies greatly by network, but also by your ability to learn the intricacies of that network to find winning placements and audiences that generate leads. 

And even if you do find winning placements, your ads will eventually fatigue and putter out - not good, and certainly not fun.

And there you are, face in hands, wondering how the heck you're going to pick up the pieces and find another winning ad. 

Finding converting traffic on these networks takes time, money and a lot of trial and error.

It can turn into a total nightmare and a monumental waste of money.

If you've ever run a failed traffic campaign that sucked your credit card dry, we're here to help:

AdWords Step-by-Step - a course that teaches you how to quickly and profitably launch an AdWords campaign that generates ready-to-buy leads that convert into paying customers

We've distilled years of experience into actionable, bite-sized lessons that take you step-by-step through creating a campaign, even if you've never stepped foot inside an AdWords account. 

AdWords is different than every traffic source out there - it's keyword driven - you don't have to search for the right audiences and behaviors because people are telling you what they're looking for through their search. 

We find the right keywords, write a compelling ad, and send people directly to our landing pages. And because people already know what they want, they convert at very, very high rate. 

You'll generate ready-to-buy leads ready & willing to whip out their credit cards. 

And unlike other traffic sources, your ads never fatigue - there are always fresh prospects searching on Google. 

Day after day.

Week after week.

Year after year. 

I remember the first successful campaign I launched for a medical spa client. Every time the campaign generated a new lead, I received an email with the subject line "NEW LEAD!" 

I was euphoric.

It was working.

And those emails didn't stop.

The campaign averages 15 new leads a day. And to this day, those leads continue to come in regularly and predictably.

And I still have that client.  

In fact, here's a screenshot of today's phone calls generated by AdWords:

Imagine launching a campaign that never fatigues and generates leads every single day. 

That's how you build a profitable, scalable business.

That's how you retain clients for years.

And we're going to teach you how to do it. 

For the past ten years, I've been running profitable AdWords campaigns - from hundreds of clients at agencies, to managing millions in-house.

An optimized AdWords campaign can be an ATM machine.  Just look at the AdWords campaign below.  It's generated over $77,000 in profit this year alone and I spend less than an hour per month managing it. 

And you won't just be learning from me. 

You'll also be learning from Brittany, an experienced enterprise-level pay-per-click manager. She's managed over 8 million dollars in FedEx AdWords spend in her career. And she's poured all of that knowledge into AdWords Step-By-Step. 

Here's what Jeff has to say:

AdWords Step-by-Step will teach you how to:

Create Your Campaign, Step-by-Step 

We've put in thousands of hours learning AdWords so you don't have to. We'll walk you through creating your first campaign step-by-step, eliminating the frustration, confusion and costly mistakes associated with learning yourself. We focus on doing, not theory. We'll get you generating leads quickly and efficiently. 

Support Every Step Of The Way

Most courses throw you to the wolves. You receive your login credentials and that's it. Good luck! 

We're truly committed to your success. That's why every student receives one hour of coaching and lifetime access to our Facebook group. We won't rest until you're generating leads! 


Once your campaign is launched, we teach you how to optimize. Here you'll learn our simple process that teaches you how to generate more leads at a lower cost. 

Once your campaign's optimized, it will continue to be a lead generating machine for months and years to come.

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What's In The Course?

Introduction to AdWords

Duration: 60m

Learn the basics. From signing up for AdWords, to learning how the auction works, you learn it all here. 

Account Structure

Duration: 23m

Correctly structuring your account is the foundation of your AdWords home. If not done correctly, everything can crumble! 

Ad Extensions

Duration: 17m

Ad extensions not only improve the qualify of your ads, but help you take up more real estate. Learn all about them here. 

Conversion Tracking

Duration: 20m

Without setting up conversion tracking, you'll have no idea what's working. We'll help you set this up, step-by-step. 

Call Tracking

Duration: 25m

Learn how to track phone calls inside and outside of AdWords so your local clients know you're the one who sent them. 

Call Only Ads

Duration: 18m

Have a business or client who wants phone calls? Let us teach you how to create "Call Only" campaigns that allows people to call directly from the search page. 

Ad Testing

Duration: 20m

Testing new ads is an important part of improving account performance. You'll learn proven strategies to make it happen. 

Learn the Interface

Duration: 57m

From the Campaigns tab, to Auction Insights, we teach you where to find everything you'll need to succeed. 

Campaign Settings

Duration: 63m

Campaigns settings are another important piece of your AdWords foundation. We teach you what options you need to choose to ensure success. 

Campaign Creation

Duration: 77m

Finally, let's do keyword research and build your AdWords account. Let's get ready to launch, baby!


Duration:  55m

You've launched your campaign. What's next? How do I hit my goals? Learn all of that here. 


Duration: 25m

Learn how to display your ad to people who visited your website, but didn't take the desire action.

Optimization Resources

Included: 6 Downloads 

By now you've launched your campaign and you have data. Now it's time to optimize! These resources will help you reach and exceed your goals. 

Bid Adjustments

Duration: 32m

Is mobile outperforming desktop? Saturdays doing better than Sundays? Learn how to improve performance based on that data with bid adjustments. 

This course covers 14 sections of HD video broken down into digestible lessons.

Access downloadable optimization worksheets, campaign build templates, and ROI calculators 

Available in the latest learning management platform; watch on desktop or mobile

Bonus Time! Are you ready? 

Ever get a huge portion of delicious food at a reasonable price? Man, nothing makes me happier! That's why we're offering you a huge portion of delicious digital desserts! 

1-on-1 Support Calls

We're here to help you CRUSH it - nothing less.  That's why we're here to support you from start to finish. Included in your purchase is a 1 hour consultation. Book it whenever you're ready!



Access to our private Facebook Group

Get access to our "AdWords Step-by-Step" private Facebook group. 


Free Account Build Review

You just built your first campaign. Congratulations! . . . but you're nervous to launch. We get it! Schedule a time with us via Calendly and we'll review your account build to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.


Free $100 Advertising Credit

Upon course enrollment, you'll receive a promotion code that will credit your AdWords account with $100 when you spend your first $25.


Free Optimization Worksheets

Having a hard time hitting your campaign goals? No problem! Our optimization worksheets will work you through your conversion issues step-by-step so that you will not only meet your goals, but crush them! 

About the Instructors

Ryan's digital marketing journey started in 2008 promoting Clickbank products on EzineArticles. 

Shortly thereafter, he joined agency life and worked on hundreds of local business accounts before going in-house and managing over a million dollars in annual spend on both AdWords & Facebook. 

Understanding the power of these skills to transform businesses, he co-created AdWords Step-By-Step with his wife, Brittany.

Brittany is a veteran of enterprise-level PPC, most recently having managed 8 million dollars in FedEx AdWords spend. She recently left the agency world to focus on developing AdWords Step-By-Step.  

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