Google To Retire Ad Rotation Settings

There’s always been a lot of discussion, and controversy, over the the right ad settings to use.

The thing about PPC is that there are a lot of “opinions” on how things should be done.

Some people love to say that there is a “right way” and there is a “wrong way” to manage an account.

The truth lies somewhere in between. Yes, there are generally “best practices” that you can follow, but what works for one account doesn’t necessarily work for another account.

So where am I going with this…

Ad settings have always been up for debate, but most PPCers have agreed that it’s typically a good idea to use the “rotate indefinitely setting.”

This allows advertisers to split test their ads with ease (though there are other issues with this setting. that’s another article. 🙂 )

In any event, there are currently four different settings.

Moving forward there will only be two settings:


Now, most advertisers won’t be too peeved; after all, “do not optimize” is still available.

But others who’ve found success with “optimize conversions” will now have to switch to using smart bidding, according to Google. Not a huge deal, but definitely a minor inconvenience.

The new “optimize” settings will prioritize ads that provide the most clicks. That is, it’s going to optimize your campaign for “clicks.”

Well, clicks are great, but we want conversions. And in that instance, you’ll have to switch to “smart bidding.”

While I’m not a huge fan of these changes (it seems like they’re making it more complicated by forcing you into smart bidding), I am a fan of the fact that ad rotation settings will now be available at the ad group level!

Previously, these settings have only been available at the campaign level, and you had to create new campaigns if you wanted to use another rotation setting.

As always, test these new settings to see what will work best with your account!

Good luck. 🙂

  • Updated January 23, 2018